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List of Advanced Subjects/Topics of the ‘Chemical Engineering/Technology Study’ with their Reference and Text book names:


Advanced Process Optimization

(1) T.F. Edgar, D. M. Himmelblau Optimization of Chemical Processes  

      McGraw Hill International 2001

(2) Floudas C.A. Nonlinear and Mixed Integer Optimization: Fundamentals and Applications

      Oxford University Press, New York 1995


Advanced process control   

(1)  L.Ljung System Identification-Theory for the User Prentice Hall1987

(2)  E. Camacho, C. Bordons Model Predictive Control in the Process Industry 1995


Advanced Process Synthesis

(1) Rudd D. F., Powers G. J., Sirola J.J.  Process Synthesis Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs,

      New Jersey 1973

(2) Floudas C.A. Nonlinear and Mixed Integer Optimization: Fundamentals and Applications  

      Oxford University Press, New York 1995

(3) Shenoy U.V. Heat Exchange Network Synthesis: Process Optimization by Energy and

      Resource Analysis Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, Texas, 1995                                                                                                                                                                                          

Advanced Mathematical Methods

(1) Bender C. M and Orszag, S. A.  Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and

      Engineers McGraw Hill 1984


Bioprocess Principles

(1) Shuler M. L. and Kargi F. Bioprocess Engineering Basic Concepts

      Prentice Hall Englewood Cliffs New Jersey 2002

(2) Schugerl K. and Bellgardt K. V. Bioreaction Engineering: Modeling and Control Springer

      Verlag Heidelberg 2000

(3) Blanch H. W.  and Clark D. S. Biochemical Engineering Dekker NewYork 1996

(4) Doran P.  Bioprocess Engineering Principles Academic Press NewYork 1995

(5) Bailey J.E. and Ollis D.F. Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals McGraw Hill

      NewYork 1986

(6) Nelson D. L. and Cox M. M.  Lehninger's Principles of Biochemistry Worth Publishers,

      New York 2000

(7) Molecular Biology of the Cell  B. Alberts, D. Bray, J. Lewis, M. Raff, K. Roberts,

      J. D. Watson Garland Publishing Inc., NewYork 1994



(1) Harrison R.G. et al  Bioseparations Science and Engineering Oxford University Press

      New York 2003

(2) Ladisch M. Bioseparations and Bioprocess Engineering: Principles, Practice and

      Economics  Wiley, New York 2001 

(3) Subramanian G.  Bioseparation and Bioprocessing Handbook Wiley, New York 1998 

(4) Ahuja S. Handbook of Bioseparations Academic Press, 2000


Catalysis and Surface Chemistry

(1)  Somorjai G. A.  Introduction to Surface Chemistry and Catalysis New York 1994

(2)  Satterfield C. N. and Sherwood T.K. The Role of Diffusion in Catalysis

       Addison-Wisley 1963

(3)  Dumesic J. A., Rudd D. F. and Aparicio L. M. The Microkinetics of Heterogeneous

       Catalysis  ACS 1993

(4)  Masel R. I. Chemical kinetics and catalysis  Wiley Interscience 2001

(5)  Leach B. E.  Applied Industrial Catalysis Vols. I, III Academic press 1984


Chemical Engineering Mathematics

(1) Davis H. T. and Thompson K.  Linear Algebra and Linear Operators in Engineering with

      Applications in Mathematica Academic Press 2000

(2) Chapra S.C. and Canale R.P. Numerical Methods for Engineers McGraw-Hill 1985

(3) Finalyson B.A.  Nonlinear Analysis in Chemical Engineering McGraw-Hill 1980


Chemical Reaction Engineering

(1) Aris R. Elementary Chemical Reactor Analysis Prentice-Hall 1969

(2) Foggler, H. S. Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering Prentice Hall of India 1994

(3) Froment G.F. and Bischoff K.B. Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design John Wiley 1994


Reaction Engineering

(1) Froment F.G. and Bischoff K.B. Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design Wiley 1990

(2) Rawlings J.B. and Ekerdt J.G. Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design  Fundamentals

      McGraw Hill 2002 

(3) Carberry J.J. Chemical and Catalytic Reaction Engineering McGraw Hill 1976

(4) Levenspiel O. Chemical Reaction Engineering Wiley 1999 

(5) Smith J.M. Chemical Engineering Kinetics McGraw Hill 1981 

(6) Carberry J.J. Chemical and Catalytic Reaction Engineering McGraw Hill 1976 

(7) Doraiswamy L.K., Sharma M.M. Heterogeneous Reactions Vol. I and II Wiley 1984

(8) Danckwerts P.V. Gas-Liquid Reactions McGraw Hill 1970


Reaction Engineering in Dispersed Phase Systems

 (1) Doraiswamy L. K. and Sharma M. M. Heterogeneous Reactions Vol. I and II Wiley 1984

(2) Danckwerts P. V. Gas-Liquid Reactions McGraw Hill1970

(3) Fogler H. S. Elements of Chemical reaction Engineering McGraw Hill 1976

(4) Levenspiel O. Chemical Reaction Engineering Wiley Eastern 1972

(5) Smith, J.M. Chemical Engineering Kinetics McGraw Hill 1981

(6) Carberry J.J. Chemical and catalytic Reaction Engineering McGraw Hill1976

(7) Froment F. G. and Bischoff K B. Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design Wiley 1990 


Colloid and Interfacial Engineering

(1) Hiemenz P.C., Rajagopalan R.  Principles of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

      Marcel Dekker, New York 1997

(2) Russel W. B., Saville D., Schowalter W.R. Colloidal Dispersions Cambridge University

      Press 1989

(3) Stokes, R. J. and Evans, D.F. Fundamentals of Interfacial Engineering Wiley-VCH,

      New York 1996

(4) Foundation of Colloid Science Vol. I and II Oxford University Press, Oxford1992

(5) Interfacial Phenomena Marcel Dekker, New York 1985

(6) Edwards D. A., Brenner H., Wasan D. T. Interfacial Transport Processes and Rheology 

       Butterworth-Heinemann, Boston  1991


Computer Aided Design & Engineering

(1) Leesley M. L. Computer Aided Process Plant Design 1982

(2) Westerberg A.W.  Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Foundations

      of Computer Aided Process Design 1984

(3) User Manuals of Selected Commercial Software Packages,  namely Aspen Plus,

      HYSYS, Design II, Fluent, MATLAB and GAMS 


Computational Methods

(1) R. Schilling and S. L. Harris Applied numerical methods for engineers

      Brroks and Cole 1999

(2) W. H. Press, S. K Teukolsky, W.T. Wetterling and B. P. Flannery Numerical Recipes in C

      and  C++ Cambridge University Press 2002

(3) Constantinides Applied numerical methods with Personal Computers McGraw Hill 1987

(4) Carnahan H. A., Luther and J. O. Wiles Applied numerical methods Wiley 1969

(5) R. W. Hornbeck Numerical methods Prentice Hall 1975

(6) S. C. Chapra and R. P. Canale Numerical Methods for Engineers McGraw Hill 1989

(7) J. N. Reddy An Introduction to the Finite Element Methods McGraw-Hill Inc. 1993

(8) Patankar S. V. Numerical heat transfer and fluid flow Hampshire Taylor and Francis

      Group New York 1980


Conceptual design of selected separation systems

(1) Doherty M. F., Malone M. F. Conceptual Design of Distillation Systems McGraw-Hill,

      New York 2001

(2) Seader J. D., Henley E. J. Separation Process Principles John Wiley and Sons,

      New York 1998

(3) Douglas J. M. Conceptual design of chemical processes McGraw-Hill, New York 1988

(4) Lorenz T. Biegler, E.I. Grossmann, A.W. Westerberg Systematic Methods of Chemical

      Process Design Prentice Hall International Inc., New Jersey 1997 


Digital Control

(1) K. J. Astrom and B. Wittenmark Computer Controlled Systems: Theory and Design

     Prentice Hall India Ltd. 1984

(2) G. F. Franklin, J. D. Powell, M. Workman Digital Control of Dynamic Systems

      Pearson Education Asia 2000

(3) J. G. Proakis, D. G. Manolakis Digital Signal Processing Prentice Hall India Limited 1997

(4) K. J. Astrom, B. Wittenmark Adaptive Control Pearson Education Asia1995


Electrochemical Reaction Engineering

(1) Pickett D.J. Electrochemical Reactor Design Elsevier Scientific Publishing Co.,


(2) Fahidi T.Z. Principles of Electrochemical Reactor Analysis Elsevier Scientific Publishing

     Co.,London 1985

(3) White R.E. Electrochemical Cell Design Plenum Press, New York 1984

(4) Electrochemical Engineering Institute of Chemical Engineers Pergamon Press 1986


Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering

(1) Davies O. L. The Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments, 2nd ed., Hafner,

      New York, 1967

(2) Box G.E.P., Hunter J.S, Hunter W.G Statistics for experimenters Wiley 1978

(3) Montgomery D. C. Design and Analysis of Experiments Wiley 1976


Fluidization Engineering

(1) J.F.Davidson, D. Harrison Fludization Academic Press 1971

(2) D.Kunil, O. Levenspiel Fludization Engineering John Wiley 1969

(3) F.A. Zenz, D.F. Othmer Fludization and Fluid Particles Systems

      Reinhold Publishing 1960 


Flow of Granular Materials

(1) Meyer R.E. Theory of Dispersed Multiphase Flow Academic 1983

(2) Nedderman R.M.  Statics and Kinematics of Granular Materials Cambridge 1992

(3) Gidaspow D. Multiphase Flow and Fluidization Academic 1994


Introduction to Computational Biology

(1) Bioinformatics: A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Genes and Proteins A.D.Baxevanis,

      B.F.F.Ouellette, Wiley-Interscience 1998

(2) Introduction to Computational Biology: Maps, Sequences, Genomes  M.S.Waterman,

      Chapman & Hall 1995

(3) Biological Sequence Analysis: Probabilistic Models of proteins and Nucleic Acids

      R. Durbin,S. Eddy, A. Krogh, G. Mitchison, Cambridge University Press 1999

(4) Bioinformatics Basics: Applications in Biological Science and Medicine

      H.H. Rashidi, L.K. Buehler, CRC Press 2001


Interfacial and Colloidal Phenomena

(1) Hunter R. J.  Foundations of Colloid Science Vol. I Oxford University Press 1986

(2) Israelachvili J. Intermolecular and Surface Forces Academic Press 1992

(3) Miller C. A. and Neyogi P. Interfacial Phenomena: Equilibrium and Dynamic Effects

      Marcel Dekker 1985

(4) Adamson A. W. and Gast A. Physical Chemistry of Surfaces John Wiley and Sons 1997


Modeling and Analysis of Bioprocesses

(1) Nielsen J., Villadsen J. Bioreaction Engineering Principles Plenum Press, New York 1994

(2) Stephenapoulous G, Aristidou A., Nielsen J. Metabolic Engineering: Principles and

      Applications Academic Press, New York 1999

(3) Schugerl K., Bellgardt K. V.  Bioreaction Engineering: Modeling and Control

      Springer Verlag, Heidelberg 2000


Modeling in Chemical Engineering

(1) Himmelblau D.M. and Bischoff K.B. Process Analysis and Simulation John Wiley 1967


Modern Instrumental Methods of Analysis

(1) Willard H., Meritt, L. L., dean J. A. and Settle F.A. Instrumental Methods of Analysis 

      CBS 1986

(2) Vogel, A. I. Quantitative Inorganic Analysis ELBS 1986

(3) Ewing G. W.  Analytical Instrumentation Hand Book  Marcel Dekker New York 1990



(1) R. Kelsall, I. Hamley and M. Geoghegan Nanoscale Science and Technology Wiley 2005

(2) M. Di Ventra, S. Evoy and J. R. Heflin  Introduction to Nanoscale Science and

      Technology Springer 2004.

(3) C. P. Poole, F. J. Owens Introduction to Nanotechnology Wiley 2003

(4) S. A. Campbell The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication

      Oxford 2001

(5) G. Timp Nanotechnology Springer International Edition 2005



(1) T.F.Edgar and D.M.Himmelblau Optimization of Chemical Processes

      McGraw Hill 1989

(2) G.S.Beveridge and R.S.Schechter Optimization Theory and Practice

      Mc Graw Hill New York l970

(3) G.V.Rekllaitis, A.Ravindran, K.M.Ragsdell Engineering Optimization-Methods and

      Applications John Wiley, New York 1983


Pollution Control Systems

(1) Mahajan S.P. Pollution Control in Process Industries Tata-McGraw Hill 1985

(2) N.L.Nemerow Liquid waste of Industry - Theories, Practices and Treatment

      Addison Wesley New York 1971

(3) W.J.Weber Physico-Chemical Processes for Water Quality Control Wiley Interscience

      New York 1969

(4) W.Strauss Industrial gas Cleaning Pergamon, London 1975

(5) A.C.Stern  Air Pollution Volumes I to VI Academic Press, New York 1968

(6) Astarita G., Savage D. W., and Bisic A. Gas Cleaning with Industrial Solvents Wiley 1983


Polymer Dynamics

(1) Theory of Polymer Dynamics M. Doi, S. F. Edwards; Clarendon Press, Oxford 1986

(2) Dynamics of Polymeric Liquids vols. 1 & 2  R. B. Bird, R. C. Armstrong, O. Hassager;

      John Wiley and Sons, NewYork 1987

(3) Structure and Rheology of Complex Fluids R. G. Larson, Oxford University Press 1999


Polymer Processing

(1) G. Baird, D. I. Collias  Polymer processing: Principles and design

      Butterworth-Heinemann, Boston 1995

(2) Middleman S. Fundamentals of Polymer Processing McGraw Hill, New York1977

(3) Pearson J.R.A. Mechanics of Polymer Processing Elsevier Science Publishing,


(4) Bird R.B., R. C. Armstrong, O. Hassager Dynamics of Polymeric Liquids Vol. I & II 

      Wiley,New York 1977

(5) Tadmor Z., C.G. Gogos Principles of Polymer Processing Wiley-International,

      New York l979


Polymer Reaction Engineering

(1) Kumar A. and Gupta R.  Fundamentals of Polymers  McGraw-Hill 1998

(2) Rodriguez F.  Principles of Polymer Systems McGraw Hill 1970 

(3) Billmeyer F. W.  Textbook of Polymer Science  John Wiley 1984 

(4) Biesenberger J. A. and Sebastian D. H.  Principles of polymer reaction engineering

      John Wiley1983

(5) Rudin A.  Elements of Polymer Science and Engineering Academic Press 1982

(6) Odian G.  Principles of Polymerization John Wiley1991

(7) Hiemenz, P.C.  Polymer Chemistry Marcel Dekker 1984 


Polymer Science and Engineering

(1) Odian G.  Principles of Polymerization McGraw Hill 1981

(2) Dotson N. A., Galvan R., Laurence R. L., Tirrell M. Polymerization Process Modeling

      Wiley 1995

(3) Billmeyer F. W. Textbook of Polymer Science John Wiley & Sons 1984


Polymer Thermodynamics

(1) Polymer Chemistry P. C. Heimenz; Marcel Dekker Inc., New York 1984

(2) Fundamentals of Polymers  Anil Kumar, Rakesh Gupta McGraw-Hill, New York 1998

(3) Advanced Polymer Chemistry Manas Chanda; Marcel Dekker 2000

(4) Principles of Polymer Chemistry P. J. Flory; Cornell University Press, Ithaca,

      New York 1953

(5) Statistical Mechanics of Chain Molecules P. J. Flory, Interscience, New York 1989

(6) Conformational Theory of Large Molecules - The Rotational Isomeric State Model in

      Macromolecular Systems W. L. Mattice, U.W. Suter; Interscience, New York 1994

(7) The Physics of Rubber Elasticity L. R. G. Treloar; Clarendon Press, Oxford 1975


Process Plant Simulation

(1) Crowe C. M., Hamielec A. E., Hoffman T.W., Johnson A. I., Woods D.R., and Shannon P. T.

      Chemical Plant Simulation Prentice Hall Inc., Englewood Cliff, New Jersey 1971

(2) Westerberg A.W., Hutchinson H. P., Motard R. L. and Winter P.  Process Flowsheeting 

      Cambridge University Press 1979

(3) Husain A. Chemical Process Simulation Wiley Eastern Limited, New Delhi 1986

(5) Luyben, William, Process Modeling, Simulation, and Control for Chemical Engineers

      McGraw Hill, New York 1990

(6) Lorenz T. Biegler, E.I. Grossmann and A.W. Westerberg Systematic Methods of

      Chemical Process Design Prentice Hall  International Inc., New Jersey 1997


Process Modeling and Identification

(1) Young, Peter Recursive Estimation and Time Series Analysis Springer Verlag,

      Berlin 1984

(2) Soderstrom, Stoica System Identification Prentice Hall 1989

(3) L. Ljung System Identification: Theory and Practice for Users Prentice Hall 1999


Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis

(1) Chiang L.H., E. L. Russell, and R. D. Braatz Fault detection and diagnosis in industrial

       systems Springer Verlag, London  2001

(2) Himmelblau D. M. Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Chemical and Petrochemical

      Processes Elsevier, Amsterdam 1978

(3) Gertler J.J. Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Engineering Systems Marcel Dekker 1998

(4) S. Narsimhan, J. Corneliu Data Reconciliation Gulf Publishing 2000


Special Topics in Theoretical Biology

(1) J. D. Murray Mathematical biology I & II  Springer 2003

(2) R. M. May and R. M. Anderson Infectious diseases of humans : transmission and

       control Oxford 1991

(3) M. A. Nowak and R. M. May Virus dynamics : mathematical foundations of

      Immunology and Virology Oxford 2000


Statistical Thermodynamics

(1) Vincenti and Kruger Introduction to Physical Gas Dynamics Wiley 1966

(2) De Groot and Mazur Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics Dover 1983

(3) Hansen and McDonald Theory of Simple Liquids Academic 1990



(1) Denbigh, K. G. The Principles of Chemical Equilibrium Cambridge 1971

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(3) Bejan A.  Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics Wiley 1988



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      fluid-phase Equilibria  Prentice Hall Inc. New Jersey 1996

(6) J.M. Smith, H. C. Van Ness and M. M. Abott Introduction to Chemical Engineering

      Thermodynamics McGraw Hill International edition 1996


Transport Phenomena

(1) Bird, R.B., Stewart, W.E. and Lightfoot E.N. Transport Phenomena

      John Wiley and Sons 2002

(2) Deen W. M. Analysis of transport phenomena Oxford University Press 1998

(3) Slattery J.C.  Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer Krieger Publishing 1981


Transport Processes

(1) Bird R.B, Stewart W.E. and Lightfoot E.N. Transport Phenomena Wiley 1994

(2) Denn M.M Process Fluid Mechanics Prentice Hall 1980

(3) Whitaker S. Fundamental Principles of Heat Transfer NewYork Pergammon 1997

(4) Cussler E. L. Diffusion: Mass Transfer in Fluid Systems Cambridge 1985