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Employment Patterns for Diploma Chemical Engineer


Skill Expectations


◙  Production and Operation :

v     Interpret Flow diagram, Sketches of various manufacturing processes.

v     Operate various unit Operations and Process Equipments efficiently as per the Standard or

      established procedure given in the Operation Manuals.

v     Supervise various production processes to achieve set Quality and Quantity targets.

v     Calibrate and test Measuring Instruments as per Standard procedures.

v     Keep records in Logsheet, History cards and Periodical inspection reports.


◙ Quality Control :

v     Plan and Conduct various quality tests.

v     Manage various Quality control resources.

v     Comply to various Quality standards like ISO 9000, ISI etc.


◙ Research and Development :

v     Assist in Literature survey and making of project report.

v     Conduct Laboratory Scale Experiments.

v     Design and conduct pilot scale experiments.

v     Study the modification of existing system or Application of new technology for cost reduction, safety, quality improvement or for any other betterment.  


◙ Technical Services :

v     Data collection, Verification, Classification, Analysis and Reporting to aid decision making.

v     Assist in Implementation and Design of Modification Scheme.


◙ Design :

v     Data search and collection, Primary calculation and Report making.

v     Comply to various Norms, Standards, Mandatory quality requirements

v     Also comply to Safety, Health and Environmental guidelines.


◙  Project Execution :

v     Carry out or assist in Material and Equipment Procurement, Inspection and Installation.

v     Assist in all activities of Project Engineering from Commissioning to Handing over the project.


◙ Sales and Marketing :

v     Follow Standard Purchase procedures.

v     Manage the Records of store using standard Performa.

v     Conduct Marketing Survey of various product and use the data for Sales Promotion.

v     Co-ordinate after sales services and consumer complains effectively.