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Duties and Job-Responsibilities


Diploma Chemical Engineer



     Render direct assistance to the professional Scientists/Engineers by extensive application of knowledge of chemical engineering.


     Design, Develop, Modify the Products/Services/Applications/Processes/

     Techniques/Procedures under the guidance/supervision of Professionals.


     During Project Execution Plan, Supervise, Assist in Inspection and Installation of complex Apparatus/Equipments/Facilities/Control system. 


     Supervise Operation, Maintenance & Repair of Chemical Plant and System.


     Assist in general management functions like Planning of Operations, Production and Services.


     Prepare and Interpret Engineering Drawings and Sketches or write detail Specification of Equipment or Procedure of related work.


     Assist in Cost Management of Field Representative of Production/Distribution of Technical Products/Services/Equipments/Instruments/Facilities.


     Analyse and Diagnose Technical problems involving independent decision, judgment based on field experience.


     Analyse and Interpret information from Precision Measuring and Recording Instruments. Determine Techniques and make Evaluations to aid decision making.


     Select, Compile and use Technical Information from Standards/Manuals/Research papers/Literatures etc.


     Be responsible for Operation and Performance  Measurement/Inspection/

     Reporting/Sub Systems/Methods/Facilities.


     Be responsible to Quality, Safety, Environment and Health.